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I love working with acrylic as there are endless colour options and finishes to choose from. Signs will be done on white frosted acrylic as standard but I am always happy to send out samples if you fancy something in particular (tints, pastel, matte, gloss, glitter, neon!). Below are the standard sizes I offer, acrylic can be ordered in different shapes too if you have an idea in mind. Pop me a message if you would like more information, a price for a specific item or to discuss booking.

For more information on the full range of colours and finishes available click here

A1 size signs from £140

A2 size signs from £110

A3 size signs from £80

A5 size table numbers from £10

Place names from £1.50

A1 size table plans from £170

A2 size table plans from £120

Custom colour, drilled holes for hanging, custom shape and different sizes available on request.

Starting price is for a basic design. 

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